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Shadman Restaurant January 16, 2009

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Shadman Restaurant - Storefront

Shadman Restaurant - Storefront

After being transplanted from my midtown office building to the Jersey City office building, I experienced a bit of food shock.  No more could I simply walk downstairs, and eat what ever my tummy desired.  Instead, I was faced with looking at the Hudson, and all the yummy food that was just a hop, skip and a jump across the river.  No more delicious street cart man, with his yummy lamb and rice.  No more ramen noodles.  As you can see, this made me quite depressed.

After working in the JC office for so many years, you learn the local spots and “good” places to eat.  Although there are not that many, the ones I have found satisfy my palate and my tummy.  I should also mention, that I used to work long hours, so work used to pay my dinner.  A nice way to try out all the local restaurants. 🙂

One such place is Shadman Restaurant.  Although a little bit of a walk from my office, it has some of the better Indian food that I’ve had.  Jersey City and the surrounding areas have a nice Southeast Asian population, so the food is good.  I haven’t tried any of the main courses, but instead opt for the buffet.  The buffet at $6.95, comprises of a nice vegetarian and meat selection and is a steal. 

Shadman Restaurant - Food

Shadman Restaurant - Clockwise from top - Pea and Paneer curry, lentils, green beans, salad with raita, basamati rice

It has a very mom and pop type of feel.  You walk in, and self seat yourself.  Then let the gluttony begin.  Everything is self serve for the buffet unless you are going to order from the regular menu.  Also, a nice thing is the naan.  The naan is brought out fresh to the tables.  I’m not usually a naan eater, but theirs is delicious.  Very airy and not greasy.  Its not sitting in a heating pan waiting to be eaten, but comes straight out of the kitchen.  Want some water?  Water is in the refrigerator case in the back.

I like the fact that the food is not overly greasy and creamy.  Some places when you get Indian food has so much grease, it kind of pools up on the top.

Its hard not to leave this place busting at the seam.  I guess the 10 minute walk to the restaurant is a hidden blessing.  (You don’t feel so bad for eating as much because you’re walking it off…. well that’s what I tell myself anyway.)

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  1. Mmmm, that is so mouthwatering. I’m hungry already! 🙂

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